Friday, 4 December 2015

The Uses of Petroleum Jelly

I'm sure that you have a bottle of petroleum jelly on your hand, right? Do you know what is it? Do you know the uses of petroleum jelly? Petroleum jelly is a translucent jelly consisting of a mixture of hydrocarbons, usually used as a lubricant or ointment. People normally use it to gloss lips, but not only that, it also have many functions.

These are the uses of petroleum jelly:
  1. Eject wax from candlesticks.
  2. Take out lipstick stains.
  3. Remove chewing gum from wood.
  4. Remove watermark from wood.
  5. Shine patent-leather shoes.
  6. Restore leather jackets.
  7. Stop battery terminal corrosion.
  8. Keep ants away from pet food bowls.
  9. Grease a baseball mitt.
  10. Mask doorknobs when painting.
  11. Keep a bottle lid from sticking.
  12. Protect stored chrome.
  13. Keep an outdoor light bulb from sticking.
  14. Lubricate cabinets and windows,
  15. Stop squeaking door hinges.
  16. Smoother closing shower curtains.
  17. Moisturize lips.
  18. Make emergency makeup.
  19. Lengthen the life of perfume.
  20. Remove a stuck ring.
  21. Soften chapped hands.
  22. No more messy manicures.
  23. Smooth wild eyebrow hairs.
  24. Heal windburned skin.
  25. Help to prevent diaper rash.
  26. No more shampoo tears.
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